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Frequently Asks Questions

If you have a question that is not listed on this sheet, please feel free to email us at ABCDance.Classes@gmail.com or contact us at 360-386-5891.

Q:  How old does my child have to be to take lessons at ABCDance?

We offer our session classes for students who are 3-12 years old. We also offer Drop in classes for 18mo- 3 years old.

Q: What subjects do you offer?

ABCDance classes are based in the fundamentals of Tap and Jazz dance. Students work on rhythm, timing, the understanding of Jazz music and the fundamentals of tap dancing as well as ballet techniques that support traditional jazz dance. All classes also learn the history of Tap and Jazz dance which is America's first original art forms.

Q: How many "sessions" do you have per year?  Are there separate Fall and Spring class schedules?

While Toddler Drop in classes are year round with no preregistration required our PreK, Kinder, Primary and Junior programs have 4 sessions a year. Fall session (Sept-Dec) Winter Session (Jan-Apr) Mini Spring Session (May-June) Mini Summer Session (June-July). Each Session ends with a Community Showcase.

Q: Are there extra fees for the community performances?
Our Community Showcases are included in your students session fee. Performing is apart of our class curriculum and all students are included in them.

Q:  Does my child have to participate in the community showcases?

No. While dance is a performing art form and a students ultimate goal is to share their love for the art with an audience, for some we know this can take time to be ready get up in front of others and perform. We do encourage students who are not ready to perform, participate in dress rehearsals and shows by being an awesome audience member. This can help students understand what doing performances is all about, support their fellow dancers and the more time spent in the performance space the more likely they will want to join in the fun!

Q:  What attire does my child need to wear to dance class?

Students need tap shoes and ballet shoes and should dress in movable clothes that will not distract from class.  Please see our General Info page for more details.  This can be found under the heading the "student class info" tab.

Q:  My daughter is 9 years old, and this will be her first year in dance class.  Will she be in a “beginner” class with much younger students?

No, she will be enrolled in a class with students in her own age group. Most of our classes have both new and current students; more than likely, she will meet another student in her class who is also a beginner.

Q:  Are parents allowed to observe classes each week?

Parents can have the pleasure of enjoying the waiting room next door at Love to Move Studios. This arrangement helps our students work on self-sufficiency and confidence.
We have viewing days through out the sessions where  parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts/uncles, etc. are all welcome to join us on these special days.

Q:  My child is a bit reserved in new situtions and I'm worried he/she won
't want to stay with out me?

We know that all children are different and while we encourage our students 3 and up to be independent we also know for some students this can take more time. We are happy to work out the best plan for you and your child to make sure they are happy, feel safe in our space and are ready to be independent. Just contact Tabetha at ABCDance.Classes@gmail.com before the session starts to discuss your concerns and what we can do to ensure a successful experience for you and your child.

Q:  Can we drop in or try a move class before committing to a session?

We believe that in order for a child to absorb their surroundings and be confident in their decision to dance or not it takes more than one class. So at ABCDance we do not offer free trials or drop in options for our session classes. We do offer 100% money back guarantee for all new students if your child is not engaged and enjoying class by the end of week 4 of the session (does not apply to Spring and Summer Mini Sessions).

Q:  How do I enroll my child at ABCDance?

You can register by filling our the student registration form on the class pages and paying through our paypal link. There is limited room in our classes to keep class sizes small and intimate so please contact us at ABCDance.Classes@gmail.com to inquire about open spaces if our session has already begun.

We look forward to hearing from you!